Semgrep supports a wide range of integrations so that security teams and developers can find and fix issues within their workflows.

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Continuous integration tools

Semgrep integrates with source code management and CI tooling to scan your projects and present findings to developers via PR/MR comments, alongside the necessary context for remediation.

This ensures that developers can address security issues without context-switching, and DevOps and IT teams can seamlessly weave security into their existing processes.


Semgrep integrates seamlessly with the alerting tools you and your developers use so they view security issues within their preferred tool.

IDE extensions

In addition to running as a PR check or pre-commit hook, Semgrep can scan in the IDE, helping developers secure their code at the speed of linting.

Languages and frameworks

Semgrep supports 30+ languages and frameworks (such as Express, Spring, Java Servlets, Laravel, Go net/HTTP, React, Next.js, and Angular) for SAST and 9 for SCA.

Single Sign-On


Semgrep Platform can connect to your organization using SSO options so that you have enhanced security and your team does not have to remember passwords. Semgrep Platform supports popular SSO options such as OpenID Connect / OAuth2 and SAML 2.0.

Application Security Posture Management


Vendors that have an integration with Semgrep Platform and use Semgrep Pro Engine and/or Semgrep OSS Engine.


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