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Semgrep Secrets

Go beyond regex: leverage Semantic Analysis, entropy analysis, and validation to accurately detect and fix secrets.

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Detect secrets with high precision

In addition to regex and entropy analysis,

  • Leverage Semgrep’s data flow engine to understand what credentials exist and how they are being used (Semantic Analysis)

  • Prioritize valid credentials and reduce false positives using Semgrep’s post-processor

  • Detect secrets that are specific to your internal services by writing custom rules

Fix secrets without developer friction

  • Minimize developer alert fatigue from false positives

  • Get findings as pull request (PR) comments so that developers don’t have to switch contexts to fix issues

  • Use pre-commit hooks to prevent secrets from being committed to your git repository

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How it works

Semgrep Secrets uses OSS + Pro Engines to find secrets specific to your code.


Semgrep Secrets can scan thousands of lines of codes for hardcoded secrets, API keys, and other sensitive data in a few minutes using Semantic Analysis, entropy analysis, and regex.



Semgrep sends an HTTP request to the service. The secret is validated if the service responds with the correct HTTP response information. This is all happens locally within your infrastructure; we don’t send the secret to Semgrep’s servers.



Validated secrets are surfaced to developers in their workflow, as PR comments with the right context about the issues, so that developers can fix them as soon as possible.


Single pane of glass for security issues

  • Find and remediate security issues in your code, software supply chain, and secrets using one platform

  • Get consistently high-quality findings across all products since they leverage the same underlying (Pro + OSS) Engines

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Users love Semgrep Secrets

The following chart shows the number of secrets detected by users using Semgrep Secrets.

Fix vulnerabilities, don't just find them

Semgrep Cloud Platform keeps your applications secure

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Dev AhkaweHead of Security, Figma

“Figmates get actionable security feedback in their PRs, while rule analytics give the security team feedback on the effectiveness of our rules. The simple syntax lets us extend Semgrep to catch new patterns, going from idea to live in an hour.”