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This document provides various methods to get help for both paying customers and all users of Semgrep. We’re here to help!

Support for Semgrep customers

We at Semgrep, Inc. want you to love using Semgrep. All paying customers have access to a variety of support channels, technical documentation and an active community of Semgrep users. We’re committed to helping our customers make the most out of their Semgrep subscription.

Support hours

Semgrep Technical support is available 18 hours a day, 5 days a week from 6am - 12am UTC (Monday to Friday), excluding Semgrep-recognized holidays.

Contacting support

All Semgrep customers can contact Semgrep Support through the following methods.


Customers who have a private Slack channel with Semgrep can open a support case directly from Slack.


Customers who log into the Semgrep cloud platform portal can open a support case from the Help section.


For non-urgent inquiries, or when you need to provide detailed information about your issue, you can send an email to our Support team at

Support for all Semgrep users (community support)

Join the Slack community to chat with the Semgrep maintainers and support engineers! All users are welcome to ask for help in the community Slack group. Semgrep OSS users can file a file bug report for bugs they are running into here.

Status page

The Semgrep status page enables users to subscribe to notifications whenever an incident is created, updated, or resolved. Check the status page to see any current or past service incidents or to review historical uptime.