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Scan 30+ languages with 2,750+ Community and Pro rules

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Pro rules

Pro rules are high confidence rules written for alerting in the developer workflow


Code scans < 5 min

Semgrep Code scans are faster than a developer's commit workflow

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Powered by Pro Engine + Pro rules

  • Identify more true positives with Pro Engine capabilities like interfile and interprocedural dataflow analysis.

  • Reduce false positives with Pro rules that leverage Pro Engine to surface high-confidence findings.

  • Easily write and manage custom rules - rule syntax is intuitive and similar to source code.

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Works with 30+ frameworks and technologies

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Designed and built for engineers

  • Scan huge repositories in minutes, enabling developers to address critical issues quickly.

  • Integrate with GitHub, GitLab, and popular CI/CD tools.

  • Address high confidence findings directly in developer workflows (pull/merge requests, Jira tickets).

  • Leverage Semgrep Assistant, which uses GPT4's knowledge of programming languages to accelerate remediation and triage.

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Easy to optimize, easy to scale

  • Manage all findings in one place - filter by projects, severity, branch, or by specific rulesets.

  • Get a top-down view of fix and ignore rates to optimize rule policies (monitor, comment, or blocking).

  • Integrate with Jira and Slack, or use our API to connect directly to your security alerting tool / dashboard.

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Customer Success Story

Semgrep Code helped Policygenius shift left

  • With Semgrep Code, Policygenius has nearly zero false positives per scan.

  • Semgrep scans the entire repository in seconds.

  • Policygenius’ security team appreciates easy-to-create rulesets.

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Customer Success Story

FloQast resolved issues in minutes using Semgrep Code

  • Rule-based approach made it easy to understand how findings were generated and thus reduce the number of false positives.

  • Semgrep Cloud Platform helped scale FloQast’s security program.

  • The ability to respond to incidents within minutes using Semgrep has been the biggest value add.

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Shift left without the developer productivity tax

Semgrep helps organizations hit release dates and fix the issues that matter.