Semgrep Supply Chain

Semgrep Supply Chain’s reachability analysis lets you quickly find and remediate the 2% of issues that are actually reachable.

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Trusted by great security teams

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Semgrep’s reachability analysis helps find high-priority issues

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Quickly identifies new vulnerabilities

Semgrep Supply Chain is the most important line of defense against new vulnerabilities enabling you to stay on top of emerging threats

  • Determines if a vulnerability is reachable or unreachable in your code so that you can prioritize issues

  • Uses high-quality rules produced by r2c’s security research team that reduce false positives

  • Reduces manual work required to detect and remediate vulnerabilities

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Minimizes false positives

Backed by high-quality reachability rules created by r2c’s security research team and powered by Semgrep

  • Finds which third-party vulnerabilities are reachable

  • Lets you triage important (reachable) vulnerabilities immediately and place everything else (unreachable) in backlog

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Supports modern languages and technologies

  • Integrates easily with popular SCMs (GitHub and GitLab) and CI/CD workflows

  • Supports modern languages: Go, Java (beta), JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and TypeScript

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With Semgrep Supply Chain, Policygenius was able to:

  • Onboard in minutes

  • Scan dependencies in less than 2 minutes

  • Immediately find critical issues

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Quickly find and fix high priority issues

Semgrep Supply Chain

Find reachable vulnerable dependencies in your code

Rob Picard, Vanta

Rob Picard

Security Lead, Vanta

“A bunch of our engineers are excited we’ve got Semgrep Supply Chain now. Managing vulnerabilities in NPM packages is chaos without any sense of reachability.”

On demand webinar

Semgrep Supply Chain: The Future of SCA

Jessica Grider, Senior DevSecOps Engineer at Policygenius, Adam Berman, Engineering Director at r2c, and Jonathan Werrett, Head of Security at r2c discuss how:

  • Organizations can prioritize the 2% of the most critical security risks

  • Policygenius was saved from countless hours of triaging false positives

  • Security industry trends fueled our engineers to develop a better solution for managing OSS risks