Setting Security Best Practices for Digital Natives in 2024

In 2024 companies will face evolving challenges in implementing secure guardrails for developers and managing the impact of AI in development. This fireside chat with leaders at AWS, Ripple, and Semgrep will explore the strategies and technologies organizations can utilize to be secure this year.

During the webinar we'll discuss:

  • The ever-changing cyber security landscape for digital native companies and its impact on Prodsec & Appsec

  • What CISOs and security leaders should be prioritizing in 2024

  • How companies like Ripple approach AppSec and eliminate security friction with their developers

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Our Speakers

David Whitlow
David Whitlow

Head of Solutions Engineering @ Semgrep

Mike Wertheim
Mike Wertheim

Staff Security Engineer


Daniel Begimher
Daniel Begimher

Global Security Architect