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Driving developer productivity at Fareportal with Semgrep

  • With Semgrep, Fareportal developers don't just tolerate their security solution - they view Semgrep as a genuinely useful tool that plays a key role in their DevOps toolchain, helping them ship more secure code, faster.

  • Developers view the security team at Fareportal as enablers, not blockers.

fareportal webinar on-demand

In this video case study, Ritu Maheshwari, Associate Director of Security at Fareportal, discusses the massive efficiencies that Semgrep unlocked for developers, and the enthusiastic use of Semgrep by engineers (beyond what was required by the security team).

Ritu talks about:

  • Seamlessly integrating Semgrep into their Azure environment, where Fareportal's repos, pipelines, and developers live.

  • Developers leveraging and customizing Semgrep rules on their own to proactively find and fix issues (before ever being flagged by security).

  • The criticality of bi-directional feedback in fostering a collaborative relationship between security and engineering

  • How Semgrep and Azure helped break down silos between developers, security engineers, and leadership.

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Semgrep lets security teams partner with developers and shift left organically, without introducing friction. Semgrep gives security teams confidence that they are only surfacing true, actionable issues to developers, and makes it easy for developers to fix these issues in their existing environments.

Find and fix the issues that matter before build time

Semgrep helps organizations shift left without the developer productivity tax.

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