r2c named Disruptive Innovator by Forbes

Forbes’ inaugural Cybersecurity Awards

Just before the new year we received the great news that Forbes staff bestowed the award “Disruptive Innovator” to r2c in the Forbes Cybersecurity Awards 2020. It’s an honor to be among a short list of outstanding products, companies, and people, such as Corellium, Greynoise, and Maria Markstedter.

Forbes describes r2c:

This company, which has the backing of Sequoia Capital and Redpoint Ventures, is the creator of Semgrep. It’s a static source code analyzer, which might not sound sexy but helps app developers identify weaknesses in their tools on an easy-to-understand platform. Two of the three cofounders coded for Palantir, so r2c packs some serious technical chops.

See the awards on the Forbes site.


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