SF Python: writing robust Flask apps

Material from the presentation at the SF Python Virtual Meetup

It was super fun to be part of SF Python’s second virtual meetup on April 8th, and we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to present and learn from some great talks.

Below is the agenda from the event and here are the slides we presented on writing robust Flask apps. Thanks to SF Python and all those who presented and attended!

Lightning talks

  • ”A brief overview of hash tables” - Lisa Au

  • ”Cross Cultural NLP project same Mouse different culture” - Justin Huang

  • ”Amazing Interactive Visualizations with Python + Bokeh” - Christopher Brosseau

Short talks

  • “How to Unlock the Power of Randomization to Create Intriguing Scripts in Python” - Doug Purcell

  • “Ray: A System for High-performance, Distributed Python Applications” - Dean Wampler

Main talk

“Good to the Last Drop: Writing Robust Flask Apps” - Isaac Evans

Having developed Flask- and Python-based tools ourselves, we recognize the importance and potential of using automated tools to write more secure and performant applications. We partnered with creators of common web frameworks to identify common “gotchas” and how to build robust Python web apps.


  • Brief overview of common web security problems

  • Common gotchas for Flask (and Django)

  • Tools for robust Python backend development

  • Q&A


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