Orchestrate Semgrep code and supply chain

Semgrep Cloud Platform

Automate, manage, and enforce code standards across your organization.

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Semgrep Code

Scan your code

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Use Semgrep Pro and Community rules to scan for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and protect against web applications’ most critical security risks.


Semgrep Supply Chain

Scan Dependencies

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Quickly find and remediate the 2% of issues that are actually reachable

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Semgrep Cloud Platform
Configure, monitor, and manage code security
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Semgrep Pro Engine
Analyze code across files and functions
Semgrep OSS Engine
Open source engine

Enforce security for your code and dependencies

Engage developers in their workflow

  • Work in the context of code changes without disrupting feature velocity

  • Discussions in pull requests display results where developers expect

  • Diff-aware scans let you focus on issues in current changes, not ones accumulated from the past

Semgrep developer workflow

Integrate with SCM and CI tools

  • Integrate GitHub, GitLab, and other source code management (SCM) and continuous integration (CI) tools

  • Notify on detected issues and optionally block code merges of critical bugs

Integrates with popular CI tools

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Semgrep in CI terminal

Display issues where you want

  • Manage all findings from the UI: filter by project, severity, branch, or specific rules

  • Integrate with Slack and email to get alerts about important findings

  • Leverage APIs to funnel findings into your organization’s security dashboard

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Code analysis at ludicrous speed

Find Bugs and Enforce Code Standards

Semgrep Cloud Platform helps automate, manage, and scale Semgrep Code and Semgrep Supply Chain

Dev Akhawe headshot
Dev AhkaweHead of Security, Figma

“Figmates get actionable security feedback in their PRs, while rule analytics give the security team feedback on the effectiveness of our rules. The simple syntax lets us extend Semgrep to catch new patterns, going from idea to live in an hour.”