How Yext built a vulnerability management program from scratch using Semgrep

Building an application security program that surfaces actionable vulnerabilities that the developers can quickly act on is extremely challenging. In this webinar, Philip Ayoub, Application Security Engineer at Yext, discusses how he built tooling for vulnerability management from scratch using Semgrep and Snowflake.

This webinar is for application security engineers and developers who are:

  • Exploring ways to action on critical security issues before they hit production

  • Looking to build internal tooling for vulnerability management

  • Researching a SAST and SCA solution that can help prioritize vulnerabilities

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The overview of vulnerability management and application security at Yext

  • The tools used to build such a program

  • How Semgrep provides the data needed to build an effective application security program

    *For those that attend the webinar we'll be sending them a free Semgrep shirt!

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Philip Ayoub
Philip Ayoub

Application Security Engineer


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Chinmay Gaikwad

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