Down with the CISO with Nathan Case

This event will overview why enterprises split into operations, development, and security, why it made sense to split technology up this way, how we were wrong to do it, AND what we should do now.

You will learn about some semantic issues that development, operations, and security have and how we get out of this mess.

We will talk about how to recover from this split through some tools and practices, how tools should be used across roles and silos, and why communication with a new set of semantics would be a good idea.

  • The talk is not technical, but we will cover the impact of semantics on the division of technical stacks.

  • We will look at real-world misses and why the abdication of security creates issues and how these misses cause deeper long-term problems.

  • Finally, we'll learn how we get back to a place where security operations and development work together in big companies.

Our Speaker

Nathan Case headshot
Nathan Case