WebinarAugust 22, 2024 at 9am PT

Best Practices and Innovations in Software Supply Chain Security


Kyle Kelly
Kyle Kelly


Ali Diamond headshot
Ali Diamond
Nicole Schwartz headshot
Nicole Schwartz


leyla arabian headshot
Leyla Arabian


andrew king headshot
Andrew King

Hunter Strategy

Kayla Underkoffler headshot
Kayla Underkoffler


Join the Semgrep Community for a thoughtful panel about best practices and innovations for securing the software supply chain, including supply chain risk management, vendor analysis, dependency management, software bill of materials (SBOM), automated vulnerability scanning, and secure software development frameworks. We are hosting 5 amazing experts in this area: Andrew King, Ali Diamond, Kayla Underkoffler, Nicole Schwartz, and Kyle Kelly. Hosted by Leyla Arabian, this panel is sure to be a lively debate! Please come with questions for our panelists.

Topics we will cover (time permitting):

  • The biggest challenges in securing the software supply chain, and how to address them

  • Protecting ours organizations against vulnerabilities in third-party software components

  • Reachability (in a vulnerability context)

  • Innovations and emerging technologies in software supply chain security

  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

  • Automated code scanning & software supply chain security

  • Collaborative approaches to security?

  • Vendor security analysis

  • Dependency management best practices

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