Application Security Is Eating Cloud Security for Lunch

This 4-person panel will cover both Application Security and Cloud Security, which are not the same! We will talk about the differences and similarities for skillsets, tooling, challenges, best practices, and how you can get a handle on both of them for your organization.

In this panel, we will cover:

  • How do AppSec and Cloud Sec differ? How are they the same?

  • What skillsets do we need for each job? Can the same person do both? Would it make sense to have the same person do both?

  • Are the tools the same or different for Cloud and AppSec?

  • Where can someone start if they want to work in either field?

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Our Speakers

Tanya Janca
Tanya Janca

Founder of We Hack Purple + Head of Education and Community


Shilpi Bhattacharjee headshot
Shilpi Bhattacharjee


Cloud Security Podcast

Caroline Wong headshot
Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer


Ashish Rajan headshot
Ashish Rajan


Cloud Security Podcast