10xing your AppSec Program with AI and LLMs

What would you do if you had the budget to hire 10 or 100 more AppSec engineers? We’ve found that the answers to this question aren’t so hypothetical with AI and Semgrep Assistant.

Register to hear Jack Moxon, the Product Manager for Semgrep Assistant, speak about the evolution of Assistant and how we’re using LLMs to transform prioritization, triage, and remediation tasks for security engineers and developers alike.

In this webinar learn:

  • The principles of generative AI and its application in enhancing SAST outcomes

  • Semgrep’s philosophy & vision for the role of AI in supporting Appsec engineers & developers

  • How to use Semgrep Assistant to automate and speed up triage, prioritization, and remediation of Semgrep findings

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Our Speaker

jack headshot
Jack Moxon

Product Manager