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Find bugs, run security scans in CI, and enforce security standards across your organization.

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Built for modern development workflows

Scan code and find vulnerabilities in minutes

  • Integrate into your CI/CD pipeline in minutes

    Supports GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Bitbucket, Jenkins and other CI platforms (learn more)

  • Get security results where you want them

    See results in Semgrep App, PR/MR comments, or your own infrastructure via API

  • Quickly build a SAST program at scale

    See how Razorpay gets results in minutes

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Scan across the stack

Secure the infrastructure layer

Secure the infrastructure layer

Find and prevent security issues in Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, nginx, and AWS configs before they go into production.

Find OWASP Top 10 risks

Find OWASP Top 10 risks

Use Semgrep rules to scan for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and protect against web applications' most critical security risks.

Protect your CI/CD pipeline

Protect your CI/CD pipeline

Protect the privileged CI/CD environment from malicious activity that could result in access to source code, secrets, and more.

Engage Developers

Engage Developers

Work in the context of code changes without disrupting feature velocity. Discussions in pull requests display results where developers expect.


Purpose-built for security engineers and developers

Scale your security team

Actionable, low-noise, and developer-friendly results let you scale your security and ship with high velocity.

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Easily write custom rules

Easily write rules to find bugs specific to your organization — rules look like source code, so there’s no need to learn a new proprietary language.

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Featured case study

How Policygenius shifted left with Semgrep

  • With Semgrep, Policygenius has nearly zero false positives per scan.

  • Semgrep scans their entire repository in seconds.

  • Policygenius’ security team appreciates easy-to-create rulesets.

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Code scanning at ludicrous speed

Find Bugs and Enforce Code Standards