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Setting up Semgrep Supply Chain with Apache Maven (Java)

Semgrep Supply Chain does not read pom.xml files to parse Maven projects. Instead it parses a dependency tree generated by Maven (mvn).

The general steps to enable Semgrep Supply Chain to correctly parse Maven projects are as follows:

  1. Generate a file outlining the project's dependency tree by adding the following command to your build pipeline:
    mvn dependency:tree -DoutputFile=maven_dep_tree.txt
    For specific steps to add the command into your build pipeline, refer to your CI provider's documentation.
  2. For each pom.xml file with dependencies you want to scan, create additional dependency trees in their respective directories. Semgrep Supply Chain can detect and parse them all.
  3. Run the Semgrep workflow, action, or step after the dependency tree or trees have been generated.
  • Ensure that Maven is installed in the build environment that is used to generate the dependency trees.
  • Ensure that you generate dependency trees before running Semgrep.
  • This approach works for full scans. It does not work for diff-aware scans because the generated file is not tracked by git.

You can perform the general steps in a local environment for testing. The following screenshot displays the commands running in a local environment:

Screenshot of Maven dependency tree generated in a local environment

Scanning Apache Maven projects with specific CI providers

This section describes steps to set up Apache Maven with specific CI providers.

GitHub Actions

To successfully run a Semgrep Supply Chain scan in GitHub Actions, the GitHub Actions workflow must generate all dependency trees in one job and then run Semgrep after.

Sample GitHub Actions Maven workflow

In the following code snippet, dependency trees are shared between the two jobs through a zip file that gathers all the lock files and, in the next job, unzips the lock files and runs Semgrep as usual.

pull_request: {}
- master
- .github/workflows/semgrep.yml
name: Semgrep
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@v4
- name: Set up JDK 11
uses: actions/setup-java@v3
java-version: '11'
distribution: 'temurin'
- name: Build Dependency Tree
# The mvn command traverses the repository and generates a dependency tree for each pom.xml file
run: mvn dependency:tree -DoutputFile=maven_dep_tree.txt -Dmaven.test.skip=true
- name: Create Zip File
run: find . -type f -name 'maven_dep_tree.txt' -exec zip -r {} +
- name: Upload Dependency Zip
uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3
name: zipfile
needs: buildmavenDepTree
name: Scan
runs-on: ubuntu-20.04
image: semgrep/semgrep
- uses: actions/checkout@v4
- name: Download artifact from the previous job
uses: actions/download-artifact@v3
name: zipfile
- name: Semgrep Scan
run: |
unzip -o
semgrep ci

To request support for your CI provider, join the Semgrep Community Slack group to ask the maintainers and the community.

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