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    How to trigger diff-aware scans using environment variables

    When working with a CI provider, you can set Semgrep to run diff-aware scans, instead of full scans, using environment variables. Diff-aware scan runs on your code before and after some baseline and only reports findings that are newly introduced in the commits after that baseline.

    Include the following definition when configuring your GitHub Action to enable diff-aware scanning:

    # Scan changed files in PRs (diff-aware scanning):
    pull_request: {}


    # Name of this GitHub Actions workflow.
    name: Semgrep

    # Scan changed files in PRs (diff-aware scanning):
    pull_request: {}

    # User definable name of this GitHub Actions job.
    name: semgrep/ci
    # If you are self-hosting, change the following `runs-on` value:
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    # A Docker image with Semgrep installed. Do not change this.
    image: semgrep/semgrep

    # Skip any PR created by dependabot to avoid permission issues:
    if: ( != 'dependabot[bot]')

    # Fetch project source with GitHub Actions Checkout. Use either v3 or v4.
    - uses: actions/checkout@v4
    # Run the "semgrep ci" command on the command line of the docker image.
    - run: semgrep ci
    # Connect to Semgrep AppSec Platform through your SEMGREP_APP_TOKEN.
    # Generate a token from Semgrep AppSec Platform > Settings
    # and add it to your GitHub secrets.

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