Building An Application Security Program, Level 3

JUNE 20, 2024

9:00am PT

8 hours

Level 3 of this training program ensures you have a complete action plan to secure all your organizations' software. Learn how to prevent, create a process for, and respond to security incidents. We will also cover Advanced AppSec, securing modern technologies, as well as policies, standards, and guidelines for AppSec.

Most organization’s AppSec program lack formal standards, guidelines and policies, simply because there’s no existing knowledge to build off of. To save you from starting from scratch, this course covers best practices, and provides samples, which you can take back to your own organization to customize to your own needs.

This live training event will include lectures, discussions, written exercises, and suitable-for-work memes. Prepare for fun, learning new things, and lots of thinking!

This training is ideal for:

  • Anyone who took the previous courses or training in this series.

  • Anyone who wants to get into AppSec.

  • Software developers who want to learn more security concepts and create more secure software.

  • IT Security Professionals who want to gain different perspectives and enable developers.

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Our Speaker

Tanya Janca
Tanya Janca

Founder of We Hack Purple + Head of Education and Community