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    Troubleshooting Semgrep CLI

    Semgrep exited with code -11 (or -9)

    This can happen when Semgrep crashes, usually as a result of memory exhaustion. -11 and -9 are the POSIX signals raised to cause the crash.

    Review troubleshooting steps for memory exhaustion at Semgrep scan troubleshooting: Memory usage issues.

    Semgrep is too slow

    We record Semgrep runtimes for each file and rule. This information is displayed when you include --time. How you choose to interact with the --time output depends on your goals.

    I just want Semgrep to run faster

    Review troubleshooting steps for slow scans at Semgrep scan troubleshooting: Slow scans.

    I am a contributor who wants to improve Semgrep's engine

    Thank you! Check out the Contributing docs to get started.

    The section Exploring results from a slow run of Semgrep is helpful if you haven't previously investigated Semgrep performance.

    Not finding what you need in this doc? Ask questions in our Community Slack group, or see Support for other ways to get help.