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Supported languages

Language maturity​

Semgrep supports 20+ languages.

GA βœ…Beta πŸ›Experimental 🚧
Generic (ERB, Jinja, etc.)
  • Experimental: experimental support with many known bugs.
    • Looking for dedicated users to help us improve these languages.
    • Expect limited support responses, as these languages will be lowest priority.
  • Beta: supported language with known bugs.
    • Looking for beta users to report bugs and rapidly iterate with our team.
    • Expect best-effort support responses when there are no higher priority requests being handled.
  • GA: production-level support with few known bugs.
    • Looking for bug reports and feedback from users.
    • Expect timely and thorough support responses, generally within 24 hours.

Maturity definitions​

Language maturity is determined by 3 factors in the Semgrep ecosystem:

  1. Parse rate - how well Semgrep can parse code in a given language.
  2. Feature support - what Semgrep features are implemented for a given language.
  3. Ruleset count - number of Semgrep rule groupings in the cloud app.

There are 3 levels of maturity: experimental, beta, and generally available (GA). Each of these maturity levels are combined with a threshold of the factors above. When a language meets the maturity threshold for each of the factors then it’s moved into that maturity level.

Generally speaking, the features-by-maturity level are roughly: experimental) syntax support, ellipsis operator support, and basic metavariable support, beta) everything prior and nearly complete metavariable support and metavariable equality, GA) everything prior and all advanced features like regexp, equivalence, deep expression operator, typing, etc.

The following thresholds define each maturity level:

  • Experimental
    • Parse rate: 90%+
    • Rules: 0+
    • Features:
      • concrete_syntax
      • deep_exprstmt
      • dots_args
      • dots_nested_stmts
      • dots_stmts
      • dots_string
      • metavar_arg
      • metavar_call
      • metavar_equality_var
  • Beta
    • Parse rate: 99%+
    • Rules: 5+
    • Features:
      • All in experimental
      • metavar_class_def
      • metavar_func_def
      • metavar_cond
      • metavar_equality_expr
      • metavar_equality_stmt
      • metavar_import
      • metavar_stmt
  • Generally Available (GA)
    • Parse rate: 99.9%+
    • Rules: 10+
    • Features:
      • All in experimental
      • All in beta
      • deep_expr_operator
      • dots_method_chaining
      • equivalence_constant_propagation
      • equivalence_naming_import (language dependent)
      • metavar_anno (language dependent)
      • metavar_key_value
      • metavar_typed (language dependent)
      • metavar_ellipsis_args
      • regexp_string

Visit the cheat sheet generation script and associated semgrep-core test files to learn more about each feature:

Language parse rates​

See parse rates by language.

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