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Running Semgrep in Visual Studio Code on Windows


Beginning with v1.6.2, the Visual Studio Code extension runs natively on Windows, so you do not need WSL to use Semgrep's extension.

Semgrep has developed an extension to be used in Visual Studio Code. The extension can be used in Visual Studio Code installed on Windows by installing WSL and adding Semgrep to it. Follow these steps to set up WSL, Semgrep, and the VS Code extension:

  1. Install WSL.
  2. Install Semgrep on WSL as Python package.
  3. Run semgrep login to get the login URL for the Semgrep AppSec Platform. Open the login URL in the browser and login.
  4. Install WSL extension for Visual Studio Code. Check these steps.
  5. Install Semgrep extension for Visual Studio Code. Check how to install an extension.
  6. Open the project in VS Code

Click the Semgrep icon to scan your project (see image below).

image info


This setup has been tested on Windows 11 with VS Code Version: 1.81.0 (Universal) and Semgrep 1.34.0. If you're having trouble with installation on other versions, reach out to support.

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