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Match the absence of something in a file

Currently, Semgrep does not have a clear way to match the absence of a pattern, rather than the presence of one. However, you can approximate this behavior by matching an entire file with pattern-regex, and excluding a file that contains the desired content with pattern-not-regex or other negative patterns.

Here is a simple example:

- id: a
- pattern-regex: |
- pattern-not-regex: .*YOUR PATTERN TO BLOCK
message: match
- generic
severity: ERROR

Try this pattern in the Semgrep Playground.

The regular expression pattern (?s)(.*) uses the s flag to put the match in "single-line" mode, so that the dot character matches a newline. This allows (.*) to match multiple lines, and therefore match an entire file.

If the file contains YOUR PATTERN TO BLOCK, then the match is negated and the file does not appear as a finding. If the file does not contain YOUR PATTERN TO BLOCK, the file is flagged as a finding. With this rule, the finding spans the whole file, starting at line 1.