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Semgrep integration guide for partners

We're excited that you're integrating Semgrep into your tooling! Our goal with Semgrep is to bring world-class security tools to developers based on our conviction that software will run the most exciting parts of the future. It's not something that we can do alone; we want to build a community around sharing programmatic knowledge about how to build secure software.

Requirements for integrators

  • Do not resell rules from the registry, unless you acquire an explicit license from Semgrep, Inc. Semgrep rules are released under the Commons Clause License, which prohibits redistribution in a commercial product.
  • State that you are using Semgrep; refer to Semgrep as capital S with the trademark: Semgrep™
  • Link to to allow users to get an API token to pass to Semgrep so they can access the Pro Engine and rules.
  • Set SEMGREP_INTEGRATION_NAME in your environment to your domain name (for example, ""). This helps us reproduce and debug issues with Semgrep in your environment.
  • Don't integrate semgrep scan in a CI setup. Instead use semgrep ci, which has diff-awareness built-in and is designed to be easy to integrate into dozens of CI environments. It's also much faster.
  • Enable metrics (--metrics=on) by default, which lets the Semgrep team prioritize languages and technologies to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Contribute new public rules back to the semgrep-rules repository. This helps us avoid community fragmentation and will automatically pull your rule into the searchable registry on; plus Semgrep will maintain it for you!

For more information, please refer to the section on licensing in our documentation. If you have additional questions, email us at