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Make errors

I'm getting an error when I make in semgrep-core after I pull

There are probably changes to submodules that you don't have. Run git submodule update --recursive.


The pre-commit test is failing on Github

Make sure to follow the Development Workflow so that pre-commit will run on commit

I can't commit because code I haven't touched is failing pre-commit

Sometimes changes you make will cause pre-commit errors in code you haven't touched--for example, if you change a function's return type. However, if you're absolutely sure you didn't cause this, you can run git commit --no-verify to commit without running pre-commit.


I installed semgrep with pypi. Where is semgrep-core

Run pip3 show semgrep to find the location semgrep was installed in. semgrep-core will be in that path/semgrep/bin/semgrep-core