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Contributing overview

Your contributions are welcome!

To contribute, read and agree with the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Your contributions can help in various places:

ContributionWhere to contribute
File a Semgrep issue.See the Semgrep GitHub repository.
Fix an issue.Pick a bug from the good first issues list or work on any of the currently open bugs.
Contribute rules to the Semgrep Registry.Add new rules through Semgrep App or GitHub. See Contributing rules.
Add a new feature.See the enhancement issues for inspiration.
Update the documentation you are reading right now!Create a PR or an issue in the Documentation repository.
Help others in the community.Check r2c Community Slack.

For any contribution to Semgrep code (bug fix or fixed issue, feature), read more about development workflow and testing in the contribution guidelines. For a high-level view of Semgrep’s design principles, see the Semgrep CLI philosophy.