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CI environment variables

Configure Semgrep in CI by setting various environment variables. Enable diff-aware scanning, connect to Semgrep AppSec Platform, and more.

Failed to run a git command during a pull or merge request scan

When running Semgrep in CI with a pull or merge request as the triggering event, Semgrep runs some additional git commands to determine the behavior for the scan. The scan exits with an error if these commands fail. A message like the following shows in the output:

Sample CI configurations

View sample configuration files to run Semgrep with various CI/CD providers such as GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Buildkite, CircleCI, and more.

Semgrep Network Broker

Learn how to set up the Semgrep Network Broker, which facilitates secure access between Semgrep and your private network.

Troubleshooting Semgrep in CI

Get more information when Semgrep in CI hangs, crashes, times out, or runs too slow. Fix issues with GitLab SAST's Semgrep analyzer, such as jobs running slowly, not showing results, or returning errors.