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    July 2021

    Version 0.60.0


    • Detect duplicate keys in YAML dictionaries in Semgrep rules when parsing a rule (for example detect multiple metavariable inside one metavariable-regex).


    C/C++: Fixed stack overflows (segmentation faults) when processing very large files (#3538)

    • JavaScript: Fixed stack overflows (segmentation faults) when processing very large files (#3538)
    • JavaScript: Detect numeric object keys 1 and 0x1 as equal (#3579)
    • OCaml: improved parsing stats by using tree-sitter-ocaml (from 25% to 88%)
    • taint-mode: Check nested functions
    • taint-mode: foo.x is now detected as tainted if foo is a source of taint
    • taint-mode: Do not crash when it is not possible to compute range info
    • Rust: recognize ellipsis in macro calls patterns (#3600)
    • Ruby: correctly represent a.(b) in the AST (#3603)


    • Added precise error location for the Semgrep metachecker, for example to detect duplicate patterns in a rule.

    Version 0.58.2


    • New iteration of taint-mode that allows to specify sources/sanitizers/sinks using arbitrary pattern formulas. This provides plenty of flexibility. Note that we breaks compatibility with the previous taint-mode format, e.g., - source(...) must now be written as - pattern: source(...).
    • Experimental support for HTML. This does not rely on the generic mode but instead parses the HTML using tree-sitter-html. This allows some semantic matching (e.g., matching attributes in any order).
    • js alpha support (#1751)
    • New matching option implicit_ellipsis that allows disabling the implicit ... that are added to record patterns, plus allow matching "spread fields" (JS ...x) at any position (#3120)
    • Support globstar (**) syntax in path include/exclude (#3173)


    • Apple M1: Semgrep installed from Homebrew no longer hangs (#2432)
    • Ruby command shells are distinguished from strings (#3343)
    • Java varargs are now correctly matched (#3455)
    • Support for partial statements (e.g., try { ... }) for Java (#3417)
    • Java generics are now correctly stored in the AST (#3505)
    • Constant propagation now works inside Python with statements (#3402)
    • Metavariable value replacement in message/autofix no longer mixes up short and long names like $X vs $X2 (#3458)
    • Fixed metavariable name collision during interpolation of message / autofix (#3483) Thanks to@Justin Timmons for the fix!
    • Revert pattern: $X optimization (#3476)
    • metavariable-pattern: Allow filtering using a single pattern or pattern-regex
    • Dataflow: Translate call chains into IL


    • Significant speed improvements (noted above)

    • The size of the semgrep-core the binary is now 95 MB (was 170 MB in v0.58.0) and a smaller Docker image (from 95 MB to 40 MB)

    • The --debug option now displays which files are currently processed incrementally; it will not wait until semgrep-core completely finishes.

    • Switch from OCaml 4.10.0 to OCaml 4.12.0

    • Faster matching times for generic mode

    • Better error message when rule contains empty pattern

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