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Shift left, not down

Semgrep gives you the control needed to secure code without slowing down releases. Manage SAST, secrets, and supply chain security in a single platform.

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Leading engineering teams choose semgrep

Developers trust findings from Semgrep

Say bye to false positives

  • Get findings you actually trust with high-confidence Pro rules, written to be accurate and actionable for developers.

  • Reduce false positives in dependency vulnerabilities by up to 98% with reachability analysis.

  • Build the lowest noise solution possible for your codebase with easily customizable rules.

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Eliminate developer friction

  • Present findings to developers in their workflows (PR comments, Jira, IDE) - but only if they are accurate.

  • Give developers the context they need to action on findings without hours of research and context-switching.

  • Speed up triage and make remediation effortless for developers with Semgrep Assistant, powered by GPT-4

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Fix issues before build time

  • Don’t slow down a developer’s commit flow - Semgrep scans run in minutes, even with inter-file analysis enabled.

  • Find and fix common issues like the OWASP Top Ten before compiling to speed delivery and reduce tech debt.

  • Easily enforce secure practices and policies specific to your organization with custom rules.

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Semgrep gives engineers everything they need to build the optimal AppSec program for your codebase



Semgrep runs anywhere you need it, from CLI to CI/CD. Findings can be surfaced in developer workflows, our cloud platform, or ingested into your existing tools via API.



Semgrep is built with the capabilities needed to enforce any type of AppSec program, and designed to let teams tailor these capabilities to their needs as they grow.



Semgrep rules are visible to users and their syntax is similar to source code. Anyone can understand why findings are surfaced and how they can be optimized.

Ludicrously Fast

Ludicrously Fast

Semgrep's median CI scan time is 10 seconds. Building an optimal AppSec program is an iterative process, and Semgrep doesn't just help you get there, it helps you get there fast.

Works with 30+ frameworks and technologies

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Great out-of-the-box, even better when customized

Write or extend rules to find bugs and enforce practices specific to your codebase. Rules look like source code so any developer can build on Semgrep.

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Featured Case Study

How Lyft confidently ignores 95% of SCA findings

  • With Semgrep, Lyft only surfaces reachable supply chain findings to developers (~5% of total findings).

  • Lyft quickly and easily writes custom Semgrep rules to systemize and automate remediation of issues specific to their codebase.

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Featured Case Study

How Vanta drives developer engagement with security

  • Semgrep's transparency and ease of rule customization help Vanta identify accurate SAST findings, increasing developer trust.

  • Integrations into developer workflows (PR comments, ticketing tools) eliminate friction so developers quickly action on findings.

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Vanta <> Semgrep

Find and fix the issues that matter before build time

Semgrep helps organizations shift left without the developer productivity tax.