Semgrep Product Updates

Launch Week

Check out all the exciting updates to the Semgrep suite of products announced from June 6 - 8, 2023

Day 1: June 6Day 2: June 7Day 3: June 8Webinar: June 14

Day 1: June 6

Making super fast security more accessible

Today, we're announcing free access to both our products - Semgrep Code (SAST) and Supply Chain (SCA) along with other exciting updates, including faster rule writing (Turbo Mode) and improved language coverage.

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Day 2: June 7

Dependency Search and License Compliance

Today, we have added two new features that make our Semgrep Supply Chain product more powerful: Dependency Search and License Compliance.

You can mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities before a CVE even drops with Dependency Search and enforce your organization's license policies on pull requests with License Compliance.

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Day 3: June 8

Semgrep for developers: VS Code Extension

We’re launching the official Semgrep VS Code Extension! You can run Semgrep Code and Supply Chain on every save for instant developer feedback, saving you time waiting for CI/CD results.

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On demand webinar

Product Update Webinar

Our product leaders demo the above-mentioned newly released features to help secure code faster and to free up time spent chasing false positives.

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