Unlocking Developer Efficiency at Fareportal using Semgrep and Azure

Join us for this Semgrep Spotlight technical session with Ritu Maheshwari, (Associate Director, Security at Fareportal), as she shares her experience shifting left with Semgrep, working collaboratively in her developer's workflows, and getting full visibility into their security health. 

In this technical session, we will discuss how Semgrep enabled Fareportal to successfully deliver on those goals:

  • We will talk about how Fareportal efficiently onboarded all their repos in just a couple of weeks leveraging the extensibility of Semgrep API's and automation. 

  • We also talk about how Ritu’s team has democratized the data from Semgrep and provides it directly to her developers in Azure DevOps repos and Azure Workitems. 

  • Leadership can find interactive dashboards with all the Semgrep findings using the Power BI custom integrations.

  • How Fareportal is planning to leverage Semgrep custom rules as part of the next phase of their adoption

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into optimizing your experience with Semgrep and fostering collaboration within your development teams.

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Our Speakers

Nitin Nayar
Nitin Nayar

Head of Solutions Engineering - EMEA


Ritu Maheshwari
Ritu Maheshwari

Associate Director, Security