Semgrep Community presents API Security with Confidence Staveley

Watch an engaging fireside chat with Confidence Staveley, the esteemed founder of the CyberSafe Foundation and host of the API Kitchen YouTube Series. CyberSafe Foundation, a leading NGO devoted to fostering a digitally inclusive and secure landscape in Africa. She is also the founder of MerkleFence, an Application Security as a Service (ASaaS) consulting company. Get ready for a frank and enjoyable discussion focused on the crucial topic of securing APIs.

In this insightful session, Confidence Staveley shares their expertise and experiences, offering valuable insights into the world of API security. From best practices and emerging trends to common pitfalls and effective strategies, we explore the importance of securing APIs and the impact it has on overall application security.

This fireside chat is both educational and entertaining, as we dive into real-world scenarios and practical tips for ensuring the security of your APIs. You'll have the opportunity to learn from Confidence Staveley's wealth of knowledge and engage with them directly during the interactive Q&A portion of the event.

Whether you are a developer, security professional, or simply interested in the world of API security, this fireside chat is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and gain valuable insights from a renowned industry expert.

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Tanya Janca

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Confidence Staveley
Confidence Staveley


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