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Learning Semgrep Code with a demo project

Try Semgrep Cloud Platform workflows, triage findings and work with rules, and rulesets without any setup necessary. See what Semgrep Cloud Platform detects in OWASP Juice Shop, an intentionally insecure web application with many vulnerabilities.

Adding a demo project

  • There are no prerequisites for users who have logged in to Semgrep Cloud Platform (SCP) for the first time!
  • For established users of the Semgrep Cloud Platform: To add a demo project, use a Semgrep Cloud Platform organization without any added project.

To add the Semgrep Cloud Platform demo project, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Semgrep Cloud Platform account and switch to an organization that does not include any project.
  2. On the Projects page, click Explore a demo project. Screenshot of Semgrep Cloud Platform Projects page with Explore a demo project button.

The scan automatically begins when you add a repository. Once the scan has finished, you can see the results of a scan in your Findings page. Now you can triage findings and see vulnerabilities that Semgrep Cloud Platform finds in OWASP Juice Shop application.

Review Viewing and managing findings to find out more about available actions in Semgrep Cloud Platform. See also the Managing findings in Semgrep Cloud Platform documentation.


If you cannot use an SCP organization without any added project, another option is to fork juice-shop repository, and then add it to SCP by following the steps described in Adding a repository.

Removing a demo project

To remove a demo project, follow these steps:

  1. In Semgrep Cloud Platform, go to the Projects page.
  2. Click the empty checkbox in the Demo project - OWASP Juice Shop row, and then click Delete (1). Screenshot of Semgrep Cloud Platform Projects page when deleting a project.
  3. Click Confirm Delete.

You can always add the demo project again if the Semgrep Cloud Platform organization you are using does not have any other projects.

Not finding what you need in this doc? Ask questions in our Community Slack group, or see Support for other ways to get help.