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Tagging projects

Add tags for specific projects in the Semgrep Cloud Platform through the following methods:

  • Set tags in your repository's .semgrepconfig.yml file.
  • Set tags through Semgrep Cloud Platform > Project page or Semgrep Cloud Platform API (for Team and Enterprise Tier users).
Best practices
  • Choose either Semgrep Cloud Platform (and API) or .semgrepconfig.yml to manage tags. Do not use a mix of the two.
  • Semgrep Cloud Platform and its API never overwrite your .semgrepconfig.yml file. If you choose to use .semgrepconfig.yml to manage your tags, use it exclusively. Do not use Semgrep Cloud Platform or the API to manage any tags. Any changes to your tags through Semgrep Cloud Platform will be overwritten after a CI scan due to values present in .semgrepconfig.yml.
  • Semgrep always prioritizes values in .semgrepconfig.yml as the source of truth.

Set tags through Semgrep Cloud Platform and Semgrep Cloud Platform API

To manage tags through Semgrep Cloud Platform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Semgrep Cloud Platform Projects page.
  2. Click on the project's gear icon to enter project configuration page, and then add or remove tags.

Refer to Semgrep API documentation to use the API.

Set tags in .semgrepconfig.yml

You can also add tags through a specific file added to your repository. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create .semgrepconfig.yml file in the root directory of your repository.
  2. Add tags to the .semgrepconfig.yml file. Example of tags added to .semgrepconfig.yml file:
    - favourite
    - awesomeproject

Changes to tags made through the .semgrepconfig.yml file are also visible in the Semgrep Cloud Platform > Projects page, however, the inverse is not true (changes in Semgrep Cloud Platform > Projects page will be overwritten by .semgrepconfig.yml.)

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