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Successfully generate PR comments for secrets findings when using custom secrets rules

You Semgrep deployment must meet the required conditions before it can generate PR comments from findings raised by custom secrets rules. These conditions differ based on whether you're using Semgrep Code's secrets rules or Semgrep Secrets.

For users of Semgrep Code

  1. Set your policy mode to Comment.

  2. Ensure that your rule doesn't include the following line:

    product: secrets

    If your rule includes this directive, Semgrep defaults to producing a Semgrep Code finding and a Semgrep Code PR comment.

For users of Semgrep Secrets

  1. Set your policy mode to Comment.

  2. Ensure that your rule includes the following line:

    product: secrets

See Rules for more information on how to write rules for Semgrep Secrets.

Testing secrets PR comments

Semgrep recommends the following testing steps to ensure that your Semgrep deployment is configured correctly to push PR comments when it identifies secrets:

  1. Generate a GitHub token with no permissions. The token must be valid.
  2. Add the token to a file in your repository and commit the changes.
  3. Scan the repository and check that Semgrep generated a finding and pushed a PR comment.

Delete the token when you've completed your test.